Hello stranger! I’m Anyssa

I am just the girl you are looking for-charming and inteligent,skilled in the art of seduction and pleasure,full of sensuality when intimate..

Nothing pleases me more than to blossom in good company i am the unique experience you have always dreamed of passionante, gentile and sesual. For a refined interlude,a true journey of the senses,do contact me.

I am an escort girl in Las Vegas, but travel as escort girl to all the major cities.Do you want a light and refreshing experience? Would you like me to be catlike and wild? Or would you prefer to see my more tender and playful side? Or mysterious perhaps,bewitching and secretive,a real princess of the Realm of Pleasures,where money and power are nothing compared with the senses….I’m 1.71m tall and weigh 56kg. My seductive curves, long blond hair and soft, bronzed skin will entice you to take to the floor in a dance of desire and to brave the forbidden. You will experience every moment of this beguiling tango from start to finish… a perfect blend of arousal and desire.

I love to wield the unlimited power of Woman, in its broadest sense. When you look into my eyes, you will see the colours of the forest and clearly sense my every desire, a real energy emanating from them, intensified by the acute pleasure of exceptional sensations.

I am a woman with many interests. I am a follower of fashion, and simply adore seductive lingerie. I want to look beautiful just for you, so don’t hesitate to share your preferences with me. We can choose together !


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