What is the ultimate definition of a sex buddy

A lot of people have different definitions of what constitutes a sex buddy. Many guys, of course, consider a sex buddy as primarily a sex partner. I really can’t fault them for thinking this way because guys, for the most part, are just horny. They all look at the world as one giant pussy and they can’t wait to stick their dicks into that giant pussy. It’s all about wham, bam, thank you ma’am. It’s all about physical action.

Well, I completely get that because, hey, let’s face it if it weren’t for horny guys humanity would probably have a current population of a hundred people. No joke. Seriously. Being horny, looking for sexual conquests and promiscuity is hardwired into the human DNA. In fact, if you look at other species, sexual diversity is engineered into their DNA, otherwise, it’s very easy for species to just get wiped out whenever there is some sort of natural calamity.

Sexual and genetic diversity is crucial to any species because there might be changed circumstances down the road and if everybody’s the same genetically people might not have the genetic material to survive those new challenges. I hope you see where I’m coming from with this. This is why screwing around, fucking anything that moves and spreading different genes all around in a particular genetic pool makes a lot of sense, at least, from a purely evolutionary perspective. We’re not talking about morality here, we’re not talking about spirituality. We’re just talking about raw, hardcore biology and guys are typically all about raw, hardcore biology. Not surprisingly, a lot of their definitions regarding fuck buddies and fuck friends and sex buddies turn on this definition. It’s all about physicality. But you have to understand that a sex buddy of course is still a buddy.

You can’t overlook the buddy part because, in my opinion, this is actually what gives a lot of value to this type of relationship. Sure you can have sex with this person but the friendship is really what makes it worth hanging onto. In many cases the sex part can go away. Everybody gets old and overweight, but you can still remain friends until the day you die.


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